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15 September 2011 @ 07:03 pm
WFACM Sat 8th Oct  
Ok My mate wants to start a open Art/Craft meet in Wichita Falls, or near by Iowa Park.
We have set a date, [Oct 8] but are looking for a venue.

What to do; show off art/crafts, work on art/crafts, share tips, get commissions, or just plain hang out.
Bring your own supplies.

If we end up meeting at a restaurant, it will be one that you don't have to pay to get in. Ie; If your broke or don't want to eat it is fine.
If out doors, the weather nice, we could reserve a pavilion at one of the many great parks in the WichitaFalls Area.

Wichita Falls Furry Arts and Crafts Meet

Come have fun,
Respect others,
Respect the facilities.
So far this looks to be a semi monthly meet. To land on the second sat of each month.

Open to venue suggestions.
Suggested so far:
El Diablo’s
Denny’s on Marine St
Golden Corral
Alanta Bread company.

MSU Meeting room*
IP Ballroom*
Meeting room downtown.*
Hotel meeting room*

S.Weeks park
Jaycee Park
Kiwanis Park
Lucy Park

* will cost a rental/Deposit fee.
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